Antique Automobile Owner Daniel Lundahl

Daniel W. Lundahl Daniel Lundahl

The founder and former owner of AIS Network Corporation, Daniel Lundahl grew the company from a small local firm to a global leader in the managed hosting industry. Since 1993, he has served in management positions charged with responsibilities related to client relations, business development, and key strategic initiatives. Previously, Daniel Lundahl spent more than a decade as chief executive officer of APS Corporation, a company that sold business printing to prominent Chicago area firms such as Wilson Sporting Goods and UOP. Under his leadership, APS Corporation achieved record sales and profits for 12 consecutive years.

Mr. Lundahl holds a bachelor of arts in business and management from Northeastern Illinois University and began his career as a sales associate with Uarco, Inc. Fully retired since 2013, Daniel W. Lundahl enjoys playing golf at Champion Hills in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and traveling. An antique automobile enthusiast, he owns a fully restored 1947 DeSoto Taxi that has appeared in numerous car shows and parades, as well as popular feature films.